BTS V, the ‘perfume dance’ challenge craze this time The ultimate trendsetter

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The original ‘perfume dance’ presented by BTS V in ‘Butter’ is heating SNS and gaining explosive popularity.

North American entertainment media ‘all pop paid attention to V’s solo dance after the music video’s release for the currently active song ‘Butter,’ which caused a viral phenomenon.

The media added that the story of how versatile V became the ultimate trendsetter is the most common, applauded, and admirable story that makes headlines worldwide.

He also praised V for proving that he is a solo artist who radiates profound artistry such as bold fashion sense, original creativity, and excellent performance.

All-K-Pop recently introduced V’s solo dance in the music video of BTS’ latest hit single ‘Butter,’ which caused a viral phenomenon on the global short-form mobile video platform TikTok.

The challenge, famous for its ‘perfume dance,’ now has hundreds of users participating every day and has recorded millions of views.

‘Perfume Dance’ is a name given to the members performing an original and fun dance as if V is applying perfume in the part where each member dances freely in the elevator, and originality and fun seem to be the factors that caused the viral phenomenon.

Thanks to the popularity of the ‘Perfume Dance’ challenge, popular challenges led by V in the past are reviving as a trend one after another, gaining popularity from Instagram users in India.

GoodBoyChallenge, which was a big hit with the idea of ​​’The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ in 2019, proved V’s influence by gaining popularity again on Instagram two years later.

In addition, V has been filled with creativity over the past few years, such as #StayAtHomeChallenge, #DreamChallenge, #Classical that ARMYs play, and #Taehyung’s signature making contest (Taehyung’s signature making contest). The item led the global trend.

Finally, through these challenges, the media proves that V has proven his innate skills and ability to innovate, inspire and entertain the public with his creativity and art.

There is great anticipation for trendsetter V, who leads global trends with outstanding artistry, genius creativity, and natural talent.

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