Rows of Kpop Idols Who Have Unique Facts in Their Past

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K-Pop idols have their own life stories ranging from their personal lives to their lives as celebrities. Even K-Poppers must know at least one interesting fact about their favorite model. Be it their favorite food, the story behind their nickname, to how they eat.

But some facts about the past of this line of idols tend to be buried from the amount of information available. Although hard to believe, these facts are 100% true.

Curious about anything? Here’s a row of K-Pop idols with little-known pasts reported from

  1. Suzy auditioned for Mnet Superstar K 2009

The singer and actress with the nickname “Nation First love” actually auditioned for Mnet Superstar Kin 2009, and she was rejected. He had even been eliminated since the early rounds. Although he was not matched at the event, he was being targeted by representatives from JYP. Now he is one of the successful celebrities who often appear on the small screen.

2. f(x)’s Victoria and Amber learn Korean through Pororo cartoon

Learning Korean from drama has happened a lot. Several K-Pop idols from outside Korea also claimed to have discovered the language from theaters. This is different with these two 2nd generation idols, Victoria and Amber f(X).

Victoria and Amber learned Korean through the popular penguin cartoon, Pororo The Little Penguin. During an Amazing f(x) episode, they talked about their past struggles when it came to learning Korean. Surprisingly, they admitted that popular children’s cartoons helped them overcome the language barrier.

  1. Youngmin Boyfriend was asked to be a girlfriend by a boyfriend when he was still in school

Another surprising fact came from a member of the boy group Boyfriend, Youngmin. When he was in school, he was ‘shot’ by one of his friends. Not a girl, but her friend is a boy.

At that time, Youngmin was playing the role of Cinderella in a school drama, and he was wearing a wig. Because he was too embarrassed by the situation, he finally joked and told his friend that he already had a (boy) girlfriend.

  1. 2PM’s Taecyeon once proposed to a girl with his mother’s wedding ring

When he was in elementary school, Taecyeon once proposed to his first love with two rings. One silver and one gold. But the gold ring was his mother’s wedding ring. Wow, there are only, yes, he did.

  1. 2PM’s Junho once broke 20 pairs of chopsticks with his butt

The following facts may be very random and funny. One of the members of 2 PM, Junho once broke 20 pairs of chopsticks with his butt. In 2012, he and other members of 2 PM attended the MBC show God of Victory against the boy group Shinhwa. He managed to break 28 pairs of chopsticks in 15 seconds. Wow!

  1. After School’s Nana is a licensed beautician and makeup artist

After School’s Nana, one of the beautiful singers and actresses, turns out to have a license and membership in the Makeup Artist Association. He is also qualified to give a makeover to fans. Who would Nana want to make a makeover?

  1. Rain failed to audition at JYP Entertainment 18 times!

Rain’s current success is not obtained by instant effort. He auditioned at JYP Entertainment 19 times, you know! Park Jin Young once revealed that Rain had failed 18 times in his previous auditions until he finally managed to become a trainee at the company. His tenacity and unyielding attitude are now bearing fruit.

  1. Ex-Sistar’s Bora debuted and lost her father on the same day

Two different things happened in one day at once in Bora’s life. More ironically, the two things are very other. The day he debuted was supposed to be the happiest day, but he also lost his father, who died due to illness.

  1. 2PM’s Nichkhun was paired initially with Gain Brown Eyed Girls on We Got Married

Nichkhun and Victoria are one of the favorite couples in the third season of We Got Married. However, did you know that Nick was originally paired as Gain Brown Eyed Girls’ virtual husband? But at the last minute, he was replaced by 2AM’s Jo Kwon.

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