‘It’s better than a sci-fi movie’ P1 Harmony worldview movie, New York Times also pays attention

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Group P1Harmony is drawing global attention with its worldview film.

P1Harmony’s debut film ‘P1H: The Beginning of a New World’ was named ‘Five Science-Fiction Movies to Stream Now’ by the New York Times. This is a film that melts the worldview of Pione Harmony, and it is a sci-fi human drama depicting the story of the members of One Harmony who are scattered across different dimensions gathering to find a star of hope to save the world ravaged by a virus.

The New York Times said about the film, “P1 Harmony is the most important thing to see in this science-fiction movie.” The movie explains how the six members overcame a deadly virus with their superpowers. He added, “The first 30 minutes of the movie was better made than any fast-paced sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen.”

Since its debut, P1 Harmony has received continuous attention from influential American media such as Billboard, Forbes, Teen Vogue, and Allure. In particular, the New York Times, the largest daily newspaper representing the United States and the world’s most influential and authoritative media, is significant in that it pays attention to P1 Harmony and their worldview as the next-generation global K-pop rookie.

P1 Harmony released their third mini-album, ‘DISHARMONY: FIND OUT’ on the 3rd of last month and expanded with the music video and promotional contents of the title song ‘Do It Like This’. The worldview was organically unfolded.

Previously, in October of last year, he appeared on a local broadcast at the invitation of Rolling Stone and FOX TV in the United States. He was not foretelling global popularity.

Thanks to this, P1Harmony will hold a solo concert tour ‘2022 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR P1usage H: PEACE’ in Seoul and eight cities in the United States from February to March to meet fans.

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