‘January’s pride and happiness’ BTS’ Jin fell in love with fashion magazine editors.

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BTS’ Jin’s radiant beauty has captivated even the editors of fashion magazines, illuminating the ‘Visual King’ aspect.

GQ’s fashion director recently posted a behind-the-scenes cut of BTS members’ GQ Vogue exclusive magazine pictorial on his Instagram.

In the published photo, Jin, wearing a beret and a checkered coat, is staring at her front and showing intense eyes.

With her thick masculine eyebrows, large eyes with long horizontal eyes, a short and high nose bridge, thick and attractive lips, and a small and slender face, Jin’s perfect visuals, called the ‘male god of beauty, immediately caught the attention of the viewers.

Another GQ fashion editor selected Kim Seok-jin (Jin’s actual name) as ‘January’s pride’ in the January issue. GQ’s feature editor liked Jin’s self-composed song ‘SUPER TUNA’ as ‘January’s Happiness’.

On the other hand, the VOGUE director posted a picture of Jin on his Instagram account after finishing work with BTS and left an honest review saying, “It was a super nice interviewee. In fact, he looks much more handsome” there is a bar.

Allkpop, an American entertainment media, reported this news through an article, saying that everyone who meets Jin in real life talks about how much better-looking Jin is in real life.

Jin was recently selected as ‘the most handsome man of the 21st century by Germany’s ‘Sternmeister’.

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