Whosfan, Weekly Hold Youngtong Fan Signing ‘Global Event’

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Whosfan is holding an event for fans worldwide with Weekly, the 4th generation girl group representative.

On the 1st, Whosfan embarked on an event and comeback promotion for Weekly’s fandom ‘Daily’. In connection with Weekly’s video call fan signing event, this fan event collaborates with Hanteo Global’s family sign, Style Korean.

This event is in the form of automatic entry if you purchase the platform album of Weekly’s 1st single, ‘Play Game: AWAKE’ from Style Korean. In addition, if you apply through the Whosfan application, the probability of winning increases, leading to the active participation of the global fandom.

In addition, a special event in which undisclosed photocards are given to all applicants and polaroids signed by the weekly members are presented to six randomly drawn winners among winners.

Whosfan actively promotes through pop-up advertisements in the Whosfan app as part of a collaboration event with Weekly. Weekly is exposed to 6.6 million global fandom users through pop-up advertisements on the Whosfan app.

The weekly event runs from April 1 to April 5, and details can be found in the Whosfan application and the Korean Style announcement.

Meanwhile, the global K-pop fandom platform Whosfan, after its official launch on May 22, 2020, succeeded in securing 5.5 million users in one year under the support of the global K-pop fandom and recently surpassed 6.6 million users.

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