John Park and Jeon Mi-do released a unique clip of ‘Procrastinate each other all night.’

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A unique clip of singer John Park and actress Jeon Mi-do’s ‘Postponing each other all night’ has been released.

On the 15th, John Park’s agency, Music Farm, released a special clip video of the new song ‘Postponing each other all night’ through the official SNS channel on the 15th. In the released video, John Park and Jeon Mi-do, seated side by side with the microphone as the center, sang ‘Postponing each other all night’ and breathing together.

The two who sang relaxedly gave a wonderful harmony to their ears. In particular, in the duet part, they get a warm response by showing perfect breathing, such as making eye contact.

“Procrastinating All Night” is a winter duet ballad that sings the regrets of two men and women who have parted, sung together by John Park and Jeon Mi-do.

In particular, John Park participated in the co-writing of the lyrics, capturing the memories and longing for the two men’s past and the regret of the words that they could not afford to say. The song’s title, ‘Procrastinating each other all night,’ is the beginning of the chorus, depicting the feelings of a lover who was separated from each other without saying anything significant because of the desire to hold on to each other and the desire to be considerate were mixed.

In addition, composer Lee Joo-hyeong of Monotree, who is active as a producer for K-pop artists, worked with the songwriter, composing, and overall song work to improve perfection.

On the other hand, the new song ‘Procrastinate All Night’ with John Park and Jeon Mi-do was released on the 9th.

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