Korean Wave contents created by foreigners, ‘The best quality in quantity and quality.’

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee), Overseas Culture and Public Relations Agency [President Jeong-Seol Park, hereafter referred to as Hae Mun-hong (KOSIS)] is hosting an international Hallyu content contest, ‘Talk Talk Korea,’ which celebrated its 8th anniversary this year. )* As a result of the closing of submissions for ‘2021’, it was revealed that a total of 42,120 works were submitted from 111 countries. This is the enormous amount of participation ever, despite the shorter public offering period than previous years.

  • KOCIS (Korean Culture and Information Service)
  • Talk Talk KOREA 2021: An international content contest where domestic and foreign foreigners participate online by creating content for each topic based on Korean culture (starting in 2014) This year’s contest is ▲ audition [K-pop music video (video), hanbok pictorial (video), modern Korean music (video)], ▲ challenge [Korean talent show (short video), Korean traditional culture (illustration), Korean moment photo (photo) ], ▲ Special [Korean media art (media art video), Hae Moon-hong character emoticon (picture), masked singer (short video)] from May 25 (Tuesday) to July It was open until the 31st (Tue).

Looking at the status of entries by region, Asia-South America-Europe-North and Central America-Africa had the most entries. By country, Vietnam-Indonesia-Mexico-Colombia-Russia had the most entries. In particular, this year, Vietnam’s participation rate increased five-fold compared to the previous year and Russia’s three-fold increase, showing that the interest in Hallyu content has steadily increased worldwide as the participation rate has been evenly distributed across continents.

In addition, this year’s entries went beyond the level of imitating K-pop songs and dances. Many works contained effort and creativity, such as making songs by yourself and making hanboks yourself.

▲ In the ‘K-Pop Music Video’ section, the Brazilian dance team’s video work has already been viewed more than 790,000 times. , ▲ In the ‘Korean Momentary Photography’ category, results produced Kim So-who’s poem ‘Azalea Flower’ in stylish calligraphy drew attention. ▲ In the ‘Modern Gugak’ section, many works were using Arirang and K-Pop. ▲ In the ‘Korean Media Arts’ section, many jobs showed Korea’s great people, such as King Sejong and Yi Sun-sin, Hangeul, Korean food, etc., with high-quality visuals. I was able to get a glimpse of the various perspectives and sensibility of foreigners toward Korea.

The works that have advanced to the finals can be found on the contest website. An online exhibition hall implemented as an expanded virtual world (Metaverse) will be unveiled in October.

Hae Moon-hong selects a total of 140 winning works through internal screening, online voting, and expert screening among 42,120 submissions, and the final ranking announcement and awards ceremony is broadcast live online in November. In particular, the audition section (K-pop music video, hanbok video, modern Korean traditional music), which was newly established this year, produced a program judged by Hallyu stars and famous creators at home and abroad and broadcasted it on Korea. will do

Director Hae Moon-hong and Park Jeong-ryeol said, “This year’s contest was able to confirm the passionate interest and affection of people around the world for Korean culture. I hope that the precious works submitted with sincerity will be re-distributed as Hallyu contents, even in difficult circumstances due to the coronavirus, so that people around the world can enjoy Korean culture more diversely.”

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