Stray Kids ‘Singer’ topped the list of masterpieces in 2021

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Stray Kids’ 2nd regular album title song ‘Singer’ was selected as the most loved song by the global fandom in 2021.

Stray Kids ‘Singer’ took first place with 38.20% of the votes in the poll of ‘[WhosPICK] The best song in 2021, responsible for my playlist this year?’ held from the 7th to the 13th. Next, The Boyz’s ‘THRILL RIDE’ came in second with 17.63%, and BTS’s ‘Butter’ came in third with 14.87%.

In particular, Stray Kids’ ‘Singer’ recorded a high voter turnout and ranked first, adding to the specialness.

In this vote, based on recommendations from fans received through Whosfan’s official SNS account, the masterpieces responsible for 2021 were placed. Nominees include N-Hyphen’s ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ BTS’ ‘Butter,’ Stray Kids’ ‘Singer,’ The Boyz’ ‘THRILL RIDE,’ Tomorrow x Together’ ‘0X1=LOVE SONG (I Know I Love You)’ feat. Seori’, NCT 127’s ‘Sticker,’ Espa’s ‘Savage,’ Stay C’s ‘STEREOTYPE,’ and NCT DREAM’s ‘Hot Sauce’ competed.

Meanwhile, after its official launch on May 22, 2020, the global K-pop fandom platform Whosfan succeeded in securing 5.5 million users in one year under the support of the global K-pop fandom and recently surpassed 6.3 million users.

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