Joo Geol-ryun ‘I want to communicate art with fans through SNS like a K-pop star.’

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[Edaily Reporter Kim Eun-bi] “In Korea, it was impressive to see celebrities and singers sharing their artworks through Instagram. As there is no language limit for art, I want to communicate with Korean fans through art.”

Taiwanese actress Joo Geol-Ryun, widely known in Korea as a director and actress of the 2008 movie ‘Secrets I can’t tell,’ recently revealed her extraordinary interest in the Korean art market through a phone interview with E-Daily. I met him when Geol-ryun Joo, who was paying attention to changes in the Korean art market, first tried to communicate with Korean fans. In addition to the news that this year’s ‘Secrets Untold’ will be remade into a movie, he expressed anticipation with regret, saying, “I want to visit Korea after Corona 19 is over as soon as possible to interact with fans.

It was interesting to watch G-Dragon from BIGBANG a few years ago work on a music and art collaboration and share it using Instagram. Here, he heard that celebrities such as BTS RM, Zico, and Oh My Girl communicate with fans on SNS and even create trends in the art world with modifiers such as ‘Exhibitions seen by celebrities,’ and said, “I’m curious about Korea’s unique culture.”.

Geol-Ryun Joo, who had a particular interest in art from an early age thanks to her mother, an art teacher, has accumulated her skills by collecting works for a long time. His collection includes works by world-famous artists, from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Georg Baselitz. I wanted to share good results with many people, so I recently participated as a curator at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. He selected works of his favorite artists, such as Basquiat and Pablo Picasso, and tried to arouse the audience’s interest by reproducing their studios. However, contrary to his wishes, in Taiwan and China, as in Korea, communication culture through SNS did not develop, so he said that he always had regrets.

Joo Geol-Ryun said that among Korean writers, she is a fan of Lee U-hwan. He said, “I went to an exhibition of Korean artist Ufan Lee in Shanghai in 2019, and as I heard about his reputation, I was impressed.” At the recently held Sotheby’s auction, I was very impressed with the Korean digital art abstract. He said, “It was a work that looked like a waterfall flowing from a building, and it was very shocking.” He said, “I have seen their three-dimensional works other than this one, and I think the market for such works will grow very much in the future.”

Geol-Ryun Joo also expressed great expectations for producing the movie ‘Secrets That Can’t Be Told.’ He said, “A long time ago, I heard that ‘The Secret That Can’t Be Told’ was being remade in Korea, and I wondered why it wasn’t filmed.” He smiled broadly. He also heard the news that ‘Secrets Untold’ was re-released at the cinema and did not forget to thank the fans for their support.

He emphasized that he would visit Korea as soon as possible, whether it was a concert or the premiere of ‘Secrets I can’t tell.’ He said that he remembers Dongdaemun, where the lights do not go out until late in Korea. He added, “I think it would be interesting to perform a collaboration performance with a Korean celebrity to bring a piano to Dongdaemun Street and play ‘Secrets I can’t tell.'”

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