K-pop click, participating in the 2021 Busan Money Show.

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K-pop click, a platform specialized in K-pop, announced that it had participated in the 2021 Busan Money Show, held from the 4th.

The 2021 Busan Money Show, held at BEXCO in Busan from the 4th to the 6th, was completed with 170 booths from 70 companies related to financial institutions participating.

K-pop click, who participated in the Busan Money Show that day, gave a 30-minute presentation under the theme of K-pop content targeting the global market at the Digital Finance Conference and was hosted by announcer Kim Kyung-ran.

K-pop click is a K-pop specialized platform being developed by Genie Ground, which combines blockchain technology and K-pop to provide high-quality K-pop content to K-pop fandoms around the world.

In addition, in K-pop click, you can enjoy various K-pop content and K-pop-related goods purchase service, online and offline ticketing service, live commerce, entertainment news service, ticketing practice games, etc. You can receive a broader range of K-POP content compared to other platforms by providing distribution and transmission services such as online concerts and fan meetings of other entertainment companies, as well as K-POP content.

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