‘2021 Together Again, K-POP Concert’ to be held in July. ‘First large-scale face-to-face concert since Corona’

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A face-to-face performance for K-pop fans will be held in July.

On the 29th, the Korea Management Association (after this referred to as ‘Han Mae-yeon’) announced, “Han Mae-Yeon and Arirang TV will hold a ‘2021 Together Again, K-POP Concert’ (Together Again, K -Pop Concert)’ will be held face-to-face.”

In this performance, 26 teams of K-pop idols at the peak of popularity, including NCT DREAM, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, Kim Tae-woo, Baek Ji-young, BTOB, AB6IX, CIX, Kim Jae-hwan, Momoland, ONF, etc.

K-pop fans who had to be satisfied with online performances as popular music performances were reduced or conducted non-face-to-face due to Corona 19 for the past year, ‘2021 Together Again, K-Pop Concert’ is a drought. It is expected to be a performance similar to Danbi.

This concert is the first large-scale face-to-face K-pop concert since the reorganization of social distancing in July. It is expected to serve as a signal for the recovery of daily life and the expansion of vaccination.

Accordingly, Hanmaeyeon thoroughly complies with the quarantine system, such as wearing a mask, keeping a distance while waiting, checking temperature, writing questionnaires, and checking electronic entry lists for all people who visit the venue as building a ventilation system and regularly performing during performances. We are ready to introduce various methods that can be implemented for quarantine management in indoor performance venues, such as opening and closing entrances and exits.

In addition, by introducing dedicated seats for vaccinated people and quick access to the performance hall, it is planned to use this to encourage vaccination and increase the stability of performances.

Han Mae-Yeon said, “This performance is an important milestone that suggests a new direction for K-pop performances in the future.

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