Just B (JustBe), K-POP fan-hearted entering the world with unique feature-based content

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The group JUST B is connecting with fans with “Performance Tasty Food” down content.
JUST B is the debut full-moon express, actively performing with the first mini-album “JUST BURN” title track “DAMAGE,” released on The 30th last month.

In particular, the performance that most definitely confirms JustBe’s ever-burning passion, which is also in the debut album name, is catching the attention of music fans. This performance is also a feature of JustBe, where members practice the most fiercely and prepare for the sum.

“DAMAGE” is a trendy track that has been popular for producing bangyeonu and has been fashionable in its willingness to fight and overcome together without succumbing to darkness and pain in a world where light is disappearing. The performance is also as intense as the message. Just be is a single-hearted show from a single-figured kalgunmu.

Above all, you can check the competencies of just-bee members in the non-rookie facial expressions. Just be, who first met with fans through auditions such as SBS ‘The Fan’, MBC ‘Underintin’ and Mnet ‘Irish’ before his debut, took his first step as a full-time singer, armed with skills that grew even more than during the program competition.

At the time of the debut showcase, just bees formula for tasty performance food is an excellent addition to the music broadcast stage. Just be continues to show various military tastes through relay dance, studio dancing, choreography practice videos, and performance version music videos.

In the midst of this, the video “DAMAGE,” which was posted on “Studio Dance,” which focused on the performances of K-POP idol singers, was recorded with 670,000 views, and it made me feel interested in Just Bee. In addition, individual videos by members have been released and continue to be of interest. Justbe’s 6-color expression smoke and other skills are just the same things.

The ‘COVER by B’ content has the power of ‘DAMAGE’ and the more attractiveness of JUST B. Among them, UPSAHL’s “People I Don’t Like” cover, released on 13 June, was JUST B’s first group cover video and the creative choreography of Lim, Kon-woo Lee, and The Bullring. Originalist UPSAHL even marveled at this on social media, saying, “I’ve seen it 20 times.” In addition to UHSAHL, the video has topped 130,000 views in one day.

JustBe, which succeeded in solidifying its first formula called “Performance Restaurant” in a fortnight of its debut, will continue its active “DAMAGE” activity.

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