‘Simply K-Pop’ We; Na, debut song ‘Like Psycho’ stage debut for the first time.

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Rookie girl group We; Na overwhelmed ‘Simply K-Pop’ with fresh energy.

We; Na (Doah, Eunah, Won, Yeonseo) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop’, which was broadcast at 7 pm on the 5th, and unveiled the stage of their debut song ‘Like Psycho’ for the first time.

We, Na, who appeared on the first stage of their debut song ‘Like Psycho,’ exuded a lovely charm with a plump melody, while all four members showed powerful dance skills to increase immersion.

We, Na, who dominated the stage with a group dance, sang the climax of ‘Like Psycho’ with a brilliant vocal technique and sang admiringly. At the same time, We; Na members Doa, Eunah, Won, and Yeonseo smiled brightly at the camera, evoking a lot of enthusiasm from the debut stage.

As We; Na marked its existence as a ‘global hot rookie’ from the first stage after the release of its debut song, K-pop fans’ expectations are rising. We; Na’s debut song ‘Like Psycho,’ which fascinated ‘Simply K-Pop’, is a retro dance song with lead synths emphasizing that the subject of life is ‘I.’ However, even if it looks like this psycho, it contains a simple and dignified message that it is better.

We, Na, who finished their first stage brilliantly, won the Rookie of the Year award at the ‘World Creator Awards’ as well as the Japanese MIX channel online solo concert and various performances even before their debut. Attention is drawn

We, Na, who received ‘Simply K-Pop’, will also perform their debut song ‘Like Psycho’ on Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on the 8th.

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