Treasure and Espa, ‘The New Idol of Men and Women Who Made the First Half’ ranked no. 1

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MyDalee = Park Yoon-jin, group TREASURE, and aespa, ranked #1 in each of the “Best Male/Female Rookie Idols” in the first half of 2021.

Global K-pop fandom platform Whosfan asked from 6th to 12th:’Who’s the best male/female rookie idol who has shone in the first half of 2021?’

The subject of the vote.

Based on recommendations from fans through the Official Huspan SNS account, the Huspic poll was nominated for new artists who played in the first half of 2021.

The male rookie idol nominees were Treasure, PiwonHarmoni, Kravitz, Enhyphen, Effects, Driftin, Future Boy, Wee Eye, Cypher, BAE173, Ghostnine, and so on. At the same time, female newcomers were Espa, Weekly, Laitsome, Stays, PurpleKiss, Tribee, Uah!, lunasola, and more.

After a fierce battle that reached nearly 520,000 global votes, male newcomer Idol to Treasure and Female Newcomer Idol to number one with Espa at 35.94% and 30.30%, respectively.

The second place for Male Idol was won by PiwonHarmoni and 3rd by Kraviti, while The Girl Idol was named second and third place by Weekly and Laitsome, respectively.

The Whospan announced that it would publish a planning article and run an in-app pop-up ad for Treasure and Espa, which ranked first in the

Meanwhile, global K-pop fandom platform Whospan has gained 5.5 million users in one year under the support of international K-Pop fandom since its official launch on May 22 last year and has recently topped 5.9 million users.

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