The first broadcast of ‘Fly to the Dance.’ ‘A terrifying enthusiasm in Times Square.’

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An entertainment show featuring Korean dancers’ busking stages performed at Times Square in New York and the beaches of Los Angeles (LA) is looking for viewers.

JTBC held a production presentation at a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on the 3rd and announced that the first episode of the new entertainment program ‘Fly to the Dance’ will be broadcast at 10:50 pm on the same day.

‘Fly to the Dance’ depicts the story of dancers Aiki, Gaby, Rijeong, Harimu, Lia Kim, Lovran, Amy, and Henry, who participated as a music director on 14 nights and 15 days of dance busking trip to the United States. Directed by Song Gwang-jong, producer of ‘Begin Again.’

Producer Song said, “I went to film after the mandatory mask-wearing was lifted, so people were in full swing (on the street),” he said.

As for the area where the reaction was hot, he laughed, saying, “People were very enthusiastic in Times Square. It was scary.”

Lee Jung-Eun, who became famous through Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ said, “Before she left for her trip, she was in Korea for about a month. “Every moment was happy,” he said.

She continued, “I’m so grateful that the dance craze continues. I think it’s just the beginning,” she said.

Regarding the song that received a good response on set, Aiki said, “When I performed K-pop (dance), the response was good.” “You can see a lot of K-pop cover dances, but I think it was refreshing to see the choreographers who created the choreography doing busking. “He said.

He said, “I thought I had been involved in dancing for a long time, but I was more nervous and scared than I thought (busking),” he said.

Henry, who had a controversy over his ‘pro-Chinese behavior,’ also accompanied him on a busking trip to Cheongiljeom.

Henry said, “I was worried that many people would be harmed because of me.” He said, “I want to deliver good energy to as many people as possible regardless of gender and nationality through the stage of music.”

Dancers with long careers in the dance scene also joined the show as ‘New Face.’

Lia Kim, the representative choreographer of One Million Dance Studio, explained the difference between the two cities, saying, “In New York, locals (the busking performance) seemed to have fun.

Lovran said, “Dancing in various spaces in the United States, there are so many scenes.” He said, “I was excited, filled with tears, and moved.

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