K-Pop Motors-Paygate strengthens its smart city business capabilities.

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K-Pop Motors (CEO Hwang Yo-shop) has partnered with Paygate, a Fintech company, to build electric vehicles and nationwide intelligent cities, which are the central core tasks of the 4th industry.

K-Pop Motors and Paygate announced on the 29th, “To realize smart cities in 227 cities, towns and districts in Korea, we have decided to install CIGS thin-film solar cells on all roads jointly and to cooperate to strengthen IOT-based businesses.”

K-Pop Motors said, “Electric vehicles, which have emerged as the world’s major food industry, and CIGS thin-film solar cells that can be recharged while the vehicle is moving, are gradually installed on all roads together with related research institutes and clustered and distributed to 242 countries worldwide We will strengthen our export smart city business capabilities.”

This is in line with the US Biden government’s national food industry policy, and we have the capability and technology to do it so that we will implement it.

Through its affiliate K-Pop Energy, K-Pop Motors has already secured partners and technologies for the CIGS thin-film solar cell business to be installed and applied on all roads two years ago and established K-Smart City. This affiliated corporation will set an exemplary global smart city. Did.

Chairman Hwang said, “The main reason for rushing this business is that China, the world’s No. 1 electric vehicle country, has already established solar power roads by installing CIGS thin-film solar cells on highways and national roads starting from some cities in Shandong Province four years ago. We decided to proceed under the judgment that it should not be rushed,” he explained.

On the other hand, as to why K-Pop Motors chose Paygate, which specializes in fintech, as a partner, “Paygate is a native Fintech company that was born a few months earlier than PayPal, a fintech partner of Tesla Motors.

This is because the reservation, driving, and payment system can be applied to the driver’s mobile phone for about 10,000 electric car rentals,” he said.

He also explained, “It is because we decided that the advantages of Paygate will have a great impact on the development of K-Pop Motors by solving the installment finance problems of 57 types of immobility products, passenger cars, vans, and commercial vehicles.”

Not only this, he added, “This is because Paygate is working with Hatgokwon, an agricultural corporation, to establish a trading ecosystem for our agricultural products, and is building a safe-based agricultural product trading system.

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