From vocals to dance, all-rounders gathered for ‘Excitement after school.’

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MBC’s ‘After School Excitement’ trainees presented a dazzling stage.

At 9 pm on January 2nd, in ‘After School Excitement,’ broadcast simultaneously on MBC and Naver NOW.

On this day’s broadcast, the talented stage of 2nd and 3rd-year trainees and the beautiful stage of 1st and 4th graders and well-behaved children caught the attention of K-pop fans.

2nd graders Youngchae Lee, Sui Jo, and Takei Karina trainees and 3rd graders Kim Hyeon-hee, Yoo Jae-Hyun, and Choi Yun-Jeong chose ‘The Talented Kid’ and showed off the trainees’ lovely talents with Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor. The six trainees provided refreshing costumes and perfect facial expressions and performances, making K-pop fans unable to take their eyes off of them for a moment.

Then, the competition between the 1st and 4th-year trainees began. The two graders competed for a spot where they debuted. First-year trainees Bo Micera, Yoon Seung-ju, and Jung Yu-ju chose the concept of ‘pretty girl,’ and fourth-year trainees Kim Yu-Yeon, Myeong-hyeong-seo, and Yoon Chae-won set the stage with IZ*ONE’s ‘La Vie en Rose.’ As the visuals of ‘After School Excitement’ were gathered, the fans’ expectations increased. The six trainees surprised fans by showing their skills as perfect as their visuals.

The trainees who performed the stage were first-year trainees Kim Seon-yu, Park Bo-eun, and Choi Soo-bin, who chose the concept of ‘a a good boy’, and fourth-year trainees Kim In-hye, Song Ye-rim, and Lee Mi-hee. The six trainees sang CL’s ‘hello bitches’ and showed their sexy charisma.

In particular, the trainees who chose the concept of ‘a a good boy’ added their ad-libs and presented K-pop fans with new things to see.

Finally, first-year trainees Kim Soo-bin, Seong Min-Chae, Oh Yu-jin, and Jeong Si-woo chose ‘The Talented One,’ and Kim Da-som, Kim Ha-ri, Lee Yu-min, and Hong Hye-Joo trainees performed the stage with Hyuna’s “I’m not cool.” Eight trainees colored the stage with their colors.

The trainees who appear in ‘After School Flutter’ marked K-pop fans with a concept evaluation that added their charm to the fullest. We are looking forward to what kind of performances the trainees will perform in the future.

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