‘Talent lost by K-pop’ National figure skating player, people got it

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Men’s figure skating representative Cha Jun-hwan completed his first performance at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Cha Jun-hwan participated in the figure skating men’s single short program held at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, China, for the 23rd time overall and showed neat movements, flawless techniques, and combination finishing, including the triple axel. He scored a total score of 99.51, including a Skills Score (TES) of 54.30 and an Arts Score (PCS) of 45.21.

Netizens applauded his flawless acting. “You did well”, “It’s great that you’re at your highest point”, “The program is impressive. It’s so beautiful,” and cheered him on.

At the same time, great attention was paid to Cha Jun-hwan’s official profile picture. His beauty is comparable to that of an ‘idol’.

Online community Theku users commented, “Why are you so handsome. Kim Yuna and former figure skating people all seem pretty and handsome”, “It’s like the male version of the AI ​​character used in advertisements these days. It’s CG-like beauty”, “K-pop is in Taereung. He is a talent that has been taken away. He is handsome,” he said, admiring his beauty that rivaled his skills.

Meanwhile, Cha Jun-hwan announced that he would be acting to enter the top 10 at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

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