Monsta X’s Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M produce ‘Reason.’ ‘Self-produced idol’ returns

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Boy group MONSTA X fills the new album with various producing skills.

MONSTA X will again show the aspect of a ‘growth idol’ through their twelfth mini-album ‘REASON,’ which will be released on the 9th. This album contains various genres of music based on the member’s participation rate in producing, which is higher than ever before.

The members added depth to MONSTA X’s unique color with their maximum participation by listing their names on 5 out of 6 tracks, from writing lyrics to composing and producing.

First of all, Jooheon, who has been in charge of MONSTA X’s title song all along and has played the role of the ‘direction key’ for MONSTA X’s music, once again shows his musical solidity with ‘Crescendo’ and ‘It’s okay.’ Furthermore, he stood out as a producer by working on MONSTA X’s songs and the double title song ‘Jumper’ on the debut album of his junior group CRAVITY, while the mixtape ‘Psyky’ released in 2020, topped the iTunes Top K-Pop Album Chart 16. Furthermore, Jooheon’s self-composed song, which will be released through this new album, is also attracting attention. It has achieved significant results amid global interest, from No. 1 in the country to the Top 10 in 30 countries.

Member Hyungwon, who made his name through the b-side song ‘LONE RANGER’ in this album, enhances the album’s perfection with a broad musical spectrum. MONSTA X’s 2020 album ‘Fatal Love’ included ‘Nobody Else,’ which was written, composed, and produced for the first time since its debut, as well as the work of group albums and member Kihyun’s solo album ‘Youth.” and participating in the production of ‘Complicated,’ a song from AB6IX’s album ‘Take A Chance,’ he will show off his skills in ‘Reason’ without hesitation.

I.M., a member with musicality, dance, songwriting, and producing ability, snipes listeners’ taste with his self-composed song ‘Deny’ with an irresistible, intense, and addictive R&B sound. Immediately after the solo EP ‘DUALITY’ was released in 2021, all five songs were ranked on the Billboard global digital sales chart, representing the musical symbolism of MONSTA X while revealing their style and showing global popularity. Therefore, expectations are also rising for the new album’s songs on the I.M. table.

In addition, the addictive beat of the title song ‘Beautiful Liar’ is added with the lyrics of Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M. It boasts synergy. MONSTA X’s presence, which becomes more distinct with its unique color every time, will be demonstrated again with ‘Reason.’

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