‘K-Pop Maker’ TNX, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ VS ‘Kingsman’ Concept Appeals

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‘K-pop maker’ TNX (tnx) appealed to the fan meeting outfit.

TNX (Tae-Hoon Choi, Kyung-Jun Woo, Hyeon-Soo Jang, Jun-Hyeok Chun, Eun-Hwi, and Seong-Jun Oh) released ‘KPOP MAKER’ Process 2 through Mnet Plus on the afternoon of the 15th.

TNX, who previously conducted the first mission under the theme of the fan meeting ‘Theme,’ put on the ‘Main Performance Costume’ and entered the second mission.

Hyunsoo and Taehoon, in charge of ‘cool’ in the team, took on this mission. The outfit that receives the most votes out of the two opinions is decided as the actual fan meeting outfit of the members.

First, Hyunsoo took inspiration from the fan meeting theme ‘Catch Me If You Can’ suggested by Sungjun and took the pilot costume as the concept. Then, Hyeonsu explained that airline uniforms can maximize the coolness of uniforms and that “we can show fans something new because we have never worn work-related clothes before.”

Tae-Hoon chose a three-piece outfit with the theme of ‘Kingsman,’ which was Kyung-Jun’s idea. Taehoon said, “I can show the sexy of a restrained adult,” said Taehoon, who said that he could show off a classic yet dandy charm with a classic suit, from jacket to pants to the best. The members have good proportions, so they fit well,” he said confidently.

Then, in the released fashion film video, Kyung-Jun and Sung-Jun appeared in pilot uniforms. Again, the two correctly conveyed a formal atmosphere while emphasizing the symbolism of the uniform with a well-proportioned jacket, white shirt, and neat tie.

Junhyeok and Hwih wore three-piece suits and posed as models. The two not only used props such as horn-rimmed glasses and umbrellas but also captivated their attention with a performance reminiscent of the ‘Kingsman’ secret agent character.

‘KPOP MAKER’ is a project in which makers and singers plan a fan meeting. Makers can participate in the singer’s fantory for eight weeks and solve fan meeting-related missions together. Voting for Process 2 ‘Fan Meeting Main Performance Costume Mission’ has been ongoing since the 15th.

Meanwhile, TNX is the first idol group of P NATION. TNX debuted in May with their first mini-album, ‘WAY UP,’ which entered the iTunes top album charts in 17 countries based on their outstanding performance skills.

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