BTS, EXO, Black Pink, K-pop fans’ environmental movement focused on CNN.

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[Herald Economy = Senior Correspondent Seo Byung-ki] “We want to let K-pop fans around the world know that in addition to fan activities, they are also doing activities for the environment, society, and climate action.”

While the global K-pop fans-led climate action platform ‘K-pop for Planet (K-pop for the Earth, Kpop4Planet)’ is active, CNN focused on their activities and is a hot topic.

At the end of May, CNN Indonesia Channel conducted a live interview with Nurul Sarifa, an Indonesian university student who runs K-Pop for Planet.

‘K-Pop for Planet’ is a platform launched by K-pop fans worldwide to show the tremendous influence that K-pop artists and fandoms have been pursuing in the climate field and solidarity with various fanatics for future-oriented actions of governments and companies.

Since its launch in March, K-pop fans around the world have delivered specific messages to ‘save the earth’ through SNS, etc., showing interest in their activities not only in Asia and Europe, but also in the United States and South America, and more than 50 media outlets around the world, including Reuters and Rolling Stones. It is receiving a lot of attention, as reported in

On this day, Nurul Sharifa said, “We are attracting the public by using social media, where K-pop fans are active, as their main platform. I hope that the environmental movement using Twitter and Instagram will spread around the world.”

Specifically, he said, “We are working together with K-pop fans around the world, including the United States, Canada, Thailand, and the Philippines, to promote our activities. Of course, there are also fans from Korea.”

Also, when asked, “K-pop fans are doing activities for positive change, there are people who underestimate that there is nothing that fans can do. What do you think about these stereotypes? One of the reasons is that K-pop fans are doing activities for the environment and society in addition to fan club activities, and we want to give people a new perspective that these activities can bring about real change.”

This year, K-Pop for Planet also launched a campaign to ask Tokopedia, a representative IT company in Indonesia, where BTS and Black Pink are working as models, to use renewable energy for the environment.

Next, until the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to be held in the UK in November of this year, the plan is to raise a voice calling for a response to the climate crisis with fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, K-Pop for Planet, officially launched on March 3, is officially supported by the United Nations Global Compact Korea Association and plans to conduct its campaign in solidarity with various fandoms in the future.

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