K-Pop Motors joins hands with world-class hotels in the global island hotel business by building a top-notch hotel in Ulleungdo.

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K-Pop Motors (CEO Hwang Yo-seop) received letters of intent to participate in the operation of Smart Island Hotel in Ulleungdo from Hotel Shilla, the best hotel company in Korea, and Daemyung Resort Sono Valley, the best resort company in Korea, respectively, on the 23rd and 27th.

It was said that Chairman Hwang’s innovative hotel business is the first splendid achievement in two years since he invested in Ramada Hotel Ulleung, a world-class hotel chain, in February 2021, two years ago. did

Chairman Hwang said that if Ulleung Airport is opened and connected to major domestic airports, Ulleungdo will become a world-class tourist destination with the completion of large-scale hotels and resorts, electric vehicles, and new renewable energy.

It is said to establish itself as a new environmental tourist destination combining IoT and meta-bus. Based on this, it will become a high-value-added blue ocean business that can be benchmarked in all significant national tourist destination islands.

Furthermore, Chairman Hwang joined hands with the world’s best cable car and gondola (railroad) companies on Ulleungdo Island as per the cable car operation approval of Mt. Seorak after going through legal procedures related to the environment. It was also said to be in preparation.

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