K-pop musician Park Seo-Yeon’s soundtrack ‘As if it’s nothing special’ released

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Singer-songwriter K-pop musician Park Seo-Yeon’s sixth soundtrack, “As if nothing special,” was released on each music site on the 24th.

The ballad song ‘As if it’s nothing special is a pop ballad song with lyrics that expresses the hope that many people suffering from Corona can return to their daily lives as if nothing happened and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Debuting with ‘Hope’ in 2019 and releasing the sixth single in 2022 following ‘Autumn Sky’s End’ in 2020, ‘STAR,’ ‘Summer Sea’ and ‘First Love’ in 2021, Park Seo-Yeon’s ‘As if it’s nothing special, this is the first self-composed song that I composed and sang with deep emotions in the clear and transparent blue tone of Park Seo-Yeon on the piano accompaniment.

Park Seo-Yeon, who won the grand prize in contests such as KT&G Acoustic Festival, YTN Korea Busking Contest, and Korea Music Performers Association Contest M, and was introduced to DOOJKY MUSIC in the United States, is currently attending Hanyang University’s College of Education, Department of Korean Language Education.

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