Yeonjun of Tomorrow x Together will meet the world as the protagonist of M2′ Artist of the Month’ in July.

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Yeonjun of Tomorrow x Together has been selected as the main character of ‘Artist Of The Month’ in July 2021 of M2′ STUDIO CHOOM’.

Mnet Digital Studio M2 released a spotlight video for ‘Artist of the Month’ on the YouTube’ Studio Dance’ channel on the 10th. Following the spotlight video, the performance video on the 16th, and the documentary on the 24th, the Fed will visit the fans three times in total.

In particular, Yeonjun draws keen interest from global fans by challenging his first solo performance after his debut through ‘Artist of the Month.’ It is said that the songs and dances that can best make use of Yeonjun’s anti-war charm have been prepared.

According to ‘Artist of the Month,’ Yeonjun remixed Harry Styles’ groovy ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and intense rock genre ‘BLOW’ by Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Chris Stapleton. It is expected that the performance will be presented with a song.

Moreover, in this performance, Yeonjun plans to add a variety of attractions using simple dance and rich facial expressions and props. Yeonjun’s spotlight video contains not unique charm but also the sensual visual beauty of ‘studio dance,’ drawing cheers from K-pop fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, M2’s ‘Studio Dance’ is a K-pop dance channel created by dance crews and artists specializing in dance. As of July, it has over 3 million subscribers and 1 billion cumulative views, drawing attention from global fans.

Among them, ‘Artist of the Month’ is unique content that selects an artist every month and deals with their performances and interviews. It is receiving a lot of love because you can listen to the performances of dancers representing K-pop and in-depth stories about dance.

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