SF9’s Yoo Taeyang and Hwiyoung reveal the cover for Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches.’

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SF9’s Taeyang Yoo and Hwiyoung’s unrivaled timbre cover video drew attention.

On the 25th, they released a cover video of Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’ sung by Yoo Taeyang and featuring Hwiyoung through SF9’s YouTube channel on the 25th.

The video draws attention by combining the dazzling visuals that seem to capture the hot youthful days of Yoo Taeyang and Hwiyoung as they are and the refreshing visual beauty that reminds you of a youth movie in midsummer. SF9’s leading dancer, Taeyang Yoo, opened the intro with a sweet voice that melts the eardrums, followed by features in Korean rap written by Hwiyoung reminiscing on the original song. In particular, at the end of the video, Yoo Tae-yang’s keyboard performance maximizes the lovely atmosphere, demonstrating a versatile charm without a break throughout the video.

SF9’s Taeyang Yoo and Hwiyoung recently drew attention when active in Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War.’ Taeyang Yoo, who is functioning as the leading dancer, planned and digested everything from rough action performances to sensual choreography that looks like modern art, taking the lead in helping SF9’s versions get good reviews. Hwiyoung left a deep impression by demonstrating intense rapping in a free spirit through a rap unit contest that she participated in on behalf of SF9.

On the other hand, SF9 has completed their 9th mini-album ‘TURN OVER,’ which was released in early July, based on their more mature and developed performance skills.

This album achieved twice the Initial Chodong sales of the previous album. It was released at the same time as it proved the status of SF9, which has changed dramatically by rising to the top 3 on iTunes K-Pop album charts in 10 regions, including the United States, Canada, and Singapore.

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