‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ to be held on January 15th. K-Pop representative idols.

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The concert ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ to commemorate the opening of ‘K-POP CLICK,’ a professional K-pop content platform developed by Genie Ground, will be held on January 15th.

This festival, held under the title of ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK,’ has the meaning of welcoming K-POP fans who have come to meet high-quality K-POP content with the launch of the ‘K-POP CLICK’ platform. The lineup of participating artists is scheduled to be released sequentially from 11 am on January 2nd, so it is expected that K-pop fans’ attention worldwide will be focused.

The ‘K-POP CLICK’ platform is a professional community that combines blockchain technology and K-POP content, providing high-quality K-POP content services to K-POP fandoms worldwide. In ‘K-POP CLICK,’ you can purchase various Hallyu contents and K-POP-related goods, as well as a live commerce service that sells individual products of celebrities and a fair K-POP chart and entertainment news community service. will be provided

In particular, this festival is drawing more attention as it is held at the World K-Pop Center performance hall located in Namsan, the center of Seoul. The World K-Pop Center forms a forum for cooperation through nurturing global trainers, nurturing financial resources for related industries in general culture and arts, and industrial participation of professional artist management business, performances, video content, and sound products, thereby developing a balanced development of the Korean K-pop band. It is intended to add meaning.

Genie Ground Co., Ltd. is a general entertainment company of Hallyu that provides services such as content planning, performance business, education business, and the World K-Pop Center. Genie Ground created a new paradigm of global popular culture that connects entertainment and social media by creating a virtuous cycle of content production, consumption, and cultural code.

Meanwhile, ‘WELCOME K-POP CLICK’ will be held three times on February 19th and March 19th, including the festival on January 15th.

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