K-pop supports the dreams of poor children.

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In southeast Asian countries, where our K-pop has dig deep, the majority of the people are still poor.

Some people came out to support their K-pop love.

Check out who it is.

This is Bangkok correspondent Wonjang Kim.

Bangkok Kleongthai… A typical slum.

Even for students in need, K-pop is the greatest happiness of the day.

“RM, Rap Monster!”

“(Why do you have two of the same photo albums?) The cards are different. Some people want them.”


100 in Thailand alone. There is an official K-pop fan club.

The ‘Day6’ fan club gathered at a Korean food event held in Bangkok.

“Hello! Thailand misses you, Thailand misses you!!!”

These fan clubs gathered to find a welfare foundation with students in need.

Parachacon: “I’ve been practicing K-pop dance for ten years… I’ve been liking K-pop since I was a girl.” We

Also performed K-pop performances and shared gifts prepared by carefully raising pocket money.

K-Pop Fan Club: “I asked the children what they needed and what they wanted.”

Duang Pratip/Chairman of Welfare Foundation/Awarded the Magsaysay Award: “I think K-pop can help children in need emotionally and dream of their lives.”

Blackpink Lisa’s hometown, Briram, is dedicated to local K-pop fans. A complex cultural space was also opened.

Although small and unpretentious, you can always enjoy and practice K-pop.

K-pop is one step closer to Southeast Asian youth, transcending regions and classes.

This is Wonjang Kim of KBS News from Bangkok.

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