K-pop idols, no one wants to hate

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Suckhoedoisong. vn – There can’t be one K-pop group to suit everyone’s taste. But what is unique in the Korean entertainment industry is the degree of intimacy the artists have with their fans.

Through V-Lives, Instagram Lives, variety shows, fan cafes, platforms like Weverse and UNIVERSE, K-Pop idols can communicate with fans. Some variety shows aim to highlight the true personalities of heroes. With reality shows like BTS In The Soop, EXO Ladder, etc., fans can understand what their idols are like in real life. While one could argue that these shows are overly controlled and supervised to portray an idol’s personality entirely realistically, they still give fans the illusion they will know. Their favorite hero more clearly. Here are 5 K-Pop models that are built in such a way.

Wendy – Red Velvet

The lead vocalist of Red Velvet is loved and respected by millions, not only because of her talent and charm but also because of her admirable personality. Wendy is not only kind and gentle but also confident and always radiates a very natural light. In other words, she is the perfect role model for countless young people around the world who aspire to be like her one day.

Sowon – group GFRIEND

GFRIEND’s Sowon cares about others, especially his group members. She always shows people around her that she is very caring. She exudes trustworthiness. What the audience sees is what they get from Sowon. It can be said that Sowon is a dream idol because she grew up the way she wanted.

Kim Yohan – group WEi’s Kim

As one of the most popular contestants of Produce X 101 and a member of the boy group Wei, Kim Yohan is simply adorable in the audience’s eyes. He is not only talented but also honest, kind, and respectful of others. But most importantly, the values ​​and ethics that the audience perceives in Kim Yohan seem to be entirely in line with his nature.

Jinjin – group ASTRO

ASTRO’s Jinjin is the exact definition of rainbow and sunshine because that’s how he makes people around him feel. Jinjin always cares about the happiness of others, and therefore, he always puts them first.

Jackson – group GOT7

This list would not be complete without Jackson Wang. In the eyes of fans, he is a man who always knows how to keep his promises. Jackson always listens to his feelings, has a deep respect for the arts, and, most of all, learns how to create a healthy environment around him. He can make anyone feel comfortable around him. His sense of humor is also enviable. Jackson became the role model of anyone’s dream friend.

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