K-pop in the Olympics ATEEZ’s global popularity is ‘Grateful.’

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ATEEZ’s song appeared in the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’, proving its global popularity.

On the 28th, at the ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’ men’s volleyball stadium in Canada vs. Iran, a welcome song flowed out. The title song ‘I’m The One’ from ATEEZ’s album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.2’, released in March, appeared. In addition, ATEEZ’s Japanese single ‘Dreamers,’ released today (28th), was also played one after another.

In the men’s volleyball match between the United States and Tunisia held on the same day, ATEEZ’s ‘WONDERLAND’ rang out, realizing ATEEZ’s global popularity. Previously, Oh My Girl’s ‘Dawn Dunn Dance’ and Stay C’s ‘A-Cep’ was played in the volleyball game played by Korean players, but it is worth noting that Korean singers’ music was played in the matches of overseas players.

In addition, the music video for ATEEZ’s ‘Fire Play’ is being screened in the VR exhibition hall of the Team Korea House website operated by the Korea Sports Association. #OLYMPICS_LOVES_ATEEZ is drawing attention as it rises to the top of the Twitter worldwide trend.

Even though ATEEZ cannot face the fans due to COVID-19, they continue to communicate with each other through various methods such as multiple in-house content and online live performances. A representative from KQ Entertainment, the agency, told Sports News, “According to the global growth of ATEEZ, more and more countries are showing interest in ATEEZ, and ATEEZ is always grateful. We are constantly working hard to repay fans around the world with a better stage. there is,

On the other hand, ATEEZ released the Japanese single ‘Dreamers’ on the 28th and continued its global steps.

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