K-Star Live, Hallyu Actors Entering Global NFT Business

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Global Hallyu media KStarLive and representative Hallyu magazine K WAVE have joined hands and voted for Hallyu actors to enter the NFT business.

K-Star Live and K-Wave announced on the 7th that they had signed an MOU for the NFT project for top Korean actors.

Last month, K-Star Live successfully launched the NFT of K-pop artists through a special exhibition on the global NFT platform Featured Market.

Through this agreement with K-Wave, K-Star Live has expanded the realm of Hallyu NFT to include dramas and movies, following K-Pop, by publishing the contents of top Hallyu actors as NFTs and distributing them globally.

Since 2011, K-Wave has been distributed to 138 countries worldwide as a representative global Hallyu magazine that provides pictorials of Hallyu stars and trendy information on Hallyu culture.

Since the early days of the Korean Wave, she has worked with 300 teams of Hallyu stars, including Lee Jung-Jae and Lee Byung-hun. She is preparing for a metaverse service that will go beyond magazines and create artist promotion and revenue on the K WAVE platform from 2022.

Through global OTT companies such as Netflix and Disney Plus, the world is now tied to one viewing right without jet lag. A virtuous cycle has been established in which tens of millions of people watch Korean dramas and movies every day. Viewers who have once opened their hearts are continuously interested in new Hallyu content.

Korean actors are at the centre of this, and many actors are growing into Hallyu stars.

K-Star Live CSO Yoo Jeong-ha said, “Until now, Hallyu actors had no choice but to meet fans through TV or screens, so there were not many windows to communicate with global fans.” We will create a window through which global fans and global fans can directly communicate, and we will create a new revenue market commensurate with the size of the fandom that has grown.”

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