Shopee ‘Korean sellers in Brazil are overgrowing.’

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Shopee, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan (branch manager Yoona Kwon), announced on the 8th that at the Valentine’s Day discount event held in ‘Shopie Brazil’ in June, Korean sellers’ orders increased nine times compared to the previous month’s average. This achievement was achieved in about two months since Shopee first opened a logistics service to Brazil in Korea.

The products that recorded the highest sales in Shopee Brazil are K-pop unique products and beauty products. According to the global music streaming platform Spotify, the K-pop listening rate in Brazil is growing at an annual rate of 47%, and it is the fifth-largest consumer of K-pop among 92 countries around the world.

‘K-Pop Much,’ which sells K-pop albums and goods, has quadrupled its orders in June compared to the previous month after entering Shopie Brazil. The order volume on the day before the Valentine’s Day discount increased by 12 times compared to usual. K-Pop Much is showing high growth. It smoothly handles customs procedures through the Shopee Logistics Service (SLS) and strives to communicate with customers using Shopee’s social functions such as Shopee feed and chat.

Song Jeong-Hyeon, CEO of K-Pop Much, said, “I thought that there was a clear demand for K-pop in Brazil, but due to logistics issues such as customs procedures, we were unable to advance. We are happy to be able to further expand our market by solving these problems through Shopee,” he said.

Another seller, ‘Sixtrade,’ which sells K-pop unique products, identified the products customers wanted through active communication and provided pre-orders for the latest albums and safe and prompt delivery services. As a result, the order volume in June increased 17 times compared to the previous month, and Brazil quickly climbed to second place in sales among the six countries entered through Shopee.

Cosmetic sellers in Shopie Brazil are also showing remarkable growth. Brazil is the world’s fourth-largest cosmetics market and is a blue ocean that many Korean brands are paying attention to.

‘Your family,’ a K-beauty specialty shop, opened in Shopee Brazil, and the order volume in June increased 3.4 times compared to the previous month. The number of orders before the Valentine’s Day discount increased eight times compared to the last month, showing tangible results. Shim Sang-Hyeon, CEO of the Yoon Family, explained, “With market preoccupation as the top priority, we are focusing on product composition targeting Brazilian customers with diverse climates and races.”

Yoona Kwon, Head of Shopee Korea, said, “After launching the logistics service to Brazil, the first Latin American destination of Shopee this year, we are very pleased that domestic sellers have achieved remarkable results in a short time. We will spare no effort to develop new markets and support them so that we can grow in the market,” he said.

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