Comedian Yoo Jae-pil ‘We can’t stop our excitement’ Heung-min Son sings a cheering song and prides itself on being a steamed fan.

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A song to cheer for Son Heung-min, a soccer player from Chuncheon, was released.

Comedian Jaepil Yoo (YJP) has recently released his third single, ‘We Heung’. Yoo Jae-Pil, who made his debut as a comedian in the 15th SBS recruitment in 2015, wrote and composed the song himself. It contains a message of support for Son Heung-min ahead of the opening of the Qatar World Cup season to be held in November.

By melting Korean excitement into the bright EDM house beat, it also gives courage to those who want to ‘have fun’ this year. Jail Yoo is proud to fan Heung-Min Son, including Heung-Min Son in the lyrics in his previously released song ‘Class’.

The song’s addictive melody and powerful shuffle choreography harmonize the listeners’ excitement.

In particular, John, a member of the K-pop group SF9 and a member of the same agency, participated in the chorus, and N.Flying’s Seunghyup Lee participated in the choir to enhance the song’s perfection and topicality. Zoho’s low-pitched rap and Yoo Jae-pill’s bright rap created a high-quality piece. Yoo Jae-pil and Zoho also appeared on the stage of a terrestrial music show together, revealing the reason for making the song, revealing their love for Son Heung-min.

The lyrics, “We can’t stop our excitement / If we go, we can’t stop / Can’t stop it, catch it, catch it”, reminds us of an actual soccer match in which Son Heung-min races on the ground.

A music video filmed in hanbok in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul also draws attention. The combination of Korean content is exquisite, such as the green sweatshirt from the drama ‘Squid Game’ and the zombie swarm reminiscent of the drama ‘Kingdom’.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur in the English professional soccer league suffered a leg muscle injury in the FA Cup round of 32 against Brighton on the 6th and led the team to a 3-1 victory.

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