Lulupop releases the ‘What’s next’ video Digital K-POP group ‘DAISY’ launched.

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A new concept digital idol, LULUPOP, is visiting the music industry with a new K-pop group, ‘DAISY.’

At noon on the 11th, Lulupop released the video ‘What’s next’ through the official SNS channel, heralding the release of a new sound source for Lulupop.

Following Lulupop’s first digital character, Lu, the new idol group ‘DAISY’ will show off their fresh charm with addictive music and gorgeous visuals and fashion styling.

‘DAISY’ (Daisy) will release a total of two songs that contain the charms of the character members in September and will stimulate the desire to enter the world with a unique presence. In addition, Lulupop is planning an offline event with fans following the debut of ‘DAISY,’ and the detailed schedule will be revealed later through the official SNS.

SMAG Entertainment, which previously caused a new wave in K-pop through collaboration with 3D character Lou and girl group Purple Kiss, announced that it would present a unique experience with the idol group ‘DAISY’ that combines computer graphics technology and augmented reality—raising expectations.

Lulupop plans to open the colorful contents of ‘DAISY’ sequentially, starting with the ‘What’s next’ video.

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