Mubit draws attention as a representative global K-pop platform that reads international fan hearts

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The global K-pop platform Mubit has revealed the international fandom’s participation in MBC’s ‘Show Music Core’ live broadcast.

On the morning of the 30th, Mubeat said, “As a result of checking the live voting status of ‘Show Music Core,’ which was held through Mubit for four weeks from the 5th to the 26th, the proportion of global votes excluding Korea recorded 82%, overwhelming participation of the global fandom. Could be confirmed,” he said.

To improve the existing voting system, which has a problem that only domestic fans can participate, except for advance voting during the voting to determine the ranking of MBC’s ‘Show Music Core,’ it will be broadcast live from June 5th so that global K-pop fans can easily participate. App voting was conducted. As a result, the Indonesian fandom took first place with 16.6% of the total votes, followed by Korea with 13.7%, and the Philippines with 11.7%. Mexico, India, the United States, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam followed, and the proportion of global votes excluding Korea exceeded 82%, showing an overwhelming proportion of international fandom.

Global K-pop fandoms tend to systematically conduct YouTube music video viewing, album purchases, and voting for music broadcasts or awards for the artists they support. If it is entered incorrectly, it is impossible to vote appropriately, and you cannot check how much you participated in the vote. As the barriers to participation in the global fandom were high, Mubit is attracting attention as a new channel to check the worldwide fandom reaction directly.

Live broadcasting app voting using the Mubit app can be easily participated by domestic users and overseas fans and can be participated for free by watching advertisements. You can check the contents of your vote, and the voting status is disclosed in real-time, enabling transparent and fair voting.

In addition, Mubit recently released a video chart that includes the number of YouTube music video views that reflect the popularity of K-pop idol groups, followed by the addition of live broadcast app voting for music programs. Unlike the charts of domestic music sites such as Melon, Genie, and FLO, which only show domestic users listening to music, the number of video views and live app voting are significant indicators of K-pop idols’ popularity in the global market.

Meanwhile, Mubit is an app that helps K-pop fandoms in various global countries support their favorite artists and participate in multiple domestic events.

Song global voting, fandom advertisements where you can celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of artists you support through the Mubit app and subway advertisements, video charts that show how many music videos of which idol groups are currently being viewed, K-pop duck It provides various functions for the K-pop fandom, such as K-Pop Quiz where you can test your Sims and MuBit Live.

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