King Sejong Institute Foundation supports Sejong Culture Academy to 41 King Sejong Institutes in 22 countries.

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The King Sejong Institute Foundation (hereafter referred to as the Foundation) announced on the 29th that it had successfully operated ‘Sejong Culture Academy,’ which provides high-quality Korean culture learning programs to King Sejong Institute students around the world at 41 King Sejong Institutes in 22 countries this year.

Through the Sejong Culture Academy project, which has been in operation since 2016, participants can learn Korean culture more systematically from the best experts in each field. It was operated face-to-face until 2019 but was temporarily switched to non-face-to-face due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and it will be operated face-to-face again this year. Sejong Culture Academy covers a wide range of subjects, from food, clothing, and shelter culture, such as Hanbok and Korean food, to traditional cultures, such as Korean traditional music, Samulnori, Korean dance, and Korean paper craft, and popular cultures such as K-pop and K-beauty. Proceed in less than a minute.

This year’s Sejong Culture Academy introduced Korean culture learning programs in 19 fields, including Korean food, Samulnori, Korean paper craft, Korean dance, and K-pop, and more than 3,000 people participated. In particular, King Sejong Institute, a base in Vietnam this year, provided an opportunity to learn Korean culture not only to King Sejong Institute learners but also to Korean language department students and middle and high school students through the ‘Visiting Sejong Culture Academy.’

Gyu-rim Lee, director of King Sejong Institute, based in Vietnam, explained, “As Vietnam adopts Korean as its first foreign language, the demand for Korean language learning and the number of middle and high school students who want to learn Korean culture is gradually increasing.”

Furthermore, the Foundation developed the general curriculum of ‘Sejong Culture Academy’ in 2020 so that it can operate ‘Sejong Culture Academy more systematically at the site of King Sejong Institute in the future, and is also developing an advanced curriculum this year. The advanced curriculum is being developed so that the four fields of Korean food, traditional entertainment, K-style, and K-pop can be systematically taught in the field.

Lee Hae-young, chairman of the Foundation, said, “Thanks to the recent popularity of Korean Wave content, the demand for learning about various Korean cultures worldwide has increased more than ever through the Sejong Culture Academy. Therefore, we will systematically expand the ‘Sejong Culture Academy’ project so people can understand and enjoy it.”

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