OTK Music to start ‘KPOP Issue Daily Content’ service

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OTK Music, which operates as a global KPOP platform, launches ‘Daily KPOP Issue Content’ for international fans and starts its full-scale service.

‘Daily KPOP Issue Content’ serves to deliver various issues daily, from KPOP-related news, SNS and community trends, comments, and music and album sales analysis.

Currently, the Chinese version is progressing the fastest.

To get closer to KPOP fans in China, it was named ‘Adubandang (爱豆饭堂),’ which means ‘idol restaurant.’

In addition to Chinese, the service is available in English, Japanese, and German.

By using MC, voice actors, translations, subtitles, etc., according to each language, OTK Music approaches localized content in each country through OTK Music’s unique global conversion system.

‘Daily KPOP Issue Contents’ also conducts various contents and events such as artist solo interview and follow, album unboxing, and analysis coverage video.

In addition, it plans to publish video content on global social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and Weibo in China. It plans to post content on video platforms such as YouTube and Naver TV.

OTK Music has now completed setting up the Chinese production team and completed OAP graphic work and announced that it plans to hold an MC audition for Chinese students living in Korea from the first week of August.

A representative of OTK Music, Daeho Lee, said, “As we have planned and produced KPOP content for about 15 years with famous domestic and foreign-related companies and have thousands of content references, OTK music’s specialized and differentiated content marketing and platform services are available through this service. Will be presented,” he said.

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