Bigk expands the ‘Bigk Moment’ service specializing in global fandom business.

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On the 27th, the creator tech platform ‘Big’ announced plans to launch and expand the ‘Bikk Moment service to strengthen the global fandom business sector targeting K-pop musicians and entertainment artists.

BIC started with a solo fan meeting of world-class dancer ‘Aiki’ in February, and recently, Infinite Jang Dong-woo’s first solo fan meeting ‘Dongwoo Times’ on November 20th, and WONHO’s ‘Everyday Christmas’ on December 3rd. Successive solo fan meetings and concerts were all completed.

The fan concert ‘First Time’ held on the 28th also held a solo fan event for Lee Ji-Hye, a famous musical actress of ‘Elisabeth,’ which continues to be a hit nationwide, and all seats were sold out right after the reservation was made.

A total of 8 artists participated in the exclusive fan meeting hosted by Bigk this year, and various top artists with solid fan bases, such as entertainers, musicians, and musical actors, had time to communicate with global fans. Through the fan concert, 110,000 domestic and foreign fans have flowed in for about ten months, of which 61% are overseas fans. It showed great response and interest.

Online live broadcasting utilizes a live solution developed by BIC to automatically create real-time multilingual subtitles optimized for global events, chat filtering technology, and various games between fans and artists based on artificial intelligence MC, voting, etc. In addition, real-time interaction is added throughout the event. They also showed off their specialized skills.

Based on these technologies and various event references, Bigk announced plans to launch and expand its sub-brand, ‘Bigk Moment’ service, which specializes in the global fandom business. In addition, Seulgi Yang, CEO of FijinClass, who has many years of experience in the entertainment industry and music producer, has been recruited as the business manager who leads the artist partnership of Big Moment.

In addition to providing an all-in-one platform for monetizing the IP business of various individual creators, such as writers, musicians, experts, and social creators, VIC Studio, VIC is also expanding its business to include fan concerts of top artists with a global fandom and paid content business. Through this, Bigk explained that it wants to develop its unrivaled influence in the global creator market.

Yang Seul-gi, CEO of Big Moment, said, “Big Moment aims to continue communication between artists and the global fandom by providing exclusive online and offline services for K-pop musicians and entertainers optimized for the global market.” With the primary goal of growing the fandom, we plan to introduce more exclusive content and events.”

On the other hand, Bigk is accepting applications for partnerships related to online and offline fan concerts and live events of Bigk Moments from entertainment agencies and distributors through the Bigk Studio website.

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