Hae-Ron Kim, 2nd single ‘Can we be good friends’ released on the 28th

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After two months, Singer-songwriter Kim Hae-ron releases a new song, ‘Can I Be a Good Friend’?

Inspired by the everyday subject of unrequited love that cannot be achieved between close friends, Kim Hae-on wrote the lyrics and melody for ‘Can We Be A Good Friend’, which will be released on the 28th at 6 pm on a music site.

We plan to communicate with the public with the keyword of empathy elicited in universal stories and deliver a unique vague sensibility.

Lee Joo-Hyung of Monotree produced new songs in the acoustic pop genre, a producing team that created numerous K-pop masterpieces such as Taeyeon, Oh My Girl, and Kwon Eun-bi, with the help of famous sessions such as Jae-Jae and Jun-Pi.

At the same time as Kim Hae Ron announced ‘Can We Be A Good Friend’, she foreshadowed the release of various content, such as her unique live clip.

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