Korea-Kazakhstan cultural exchange wide open with K-pop concertc

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-gyun, hereafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), along with the Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan (Director Hye-ran Lee, hereafter referred to as the Cultural Center) and the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency (Director Gil-Hwa Jeong, hereafter referred to as the Promotion Agency), was held on June 18. (Sat) 4:00 PM (local time / 7:00 PM Korean time), ‘Hello! K-Pop Festa (Сәлем! K-POP Festa) is held to announce the start of the ‘2022-2023 Korea-Kazakhstan Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange’. The two countries will promote various cultural exchange events for two years, starting with this K-pop performance.

In 2019, Korea and Kazakhstan agreed to promote the ‘Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange’ in 2022 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between the two countries. signed a

All seats sold out due to local interest. Singer Baek Ji-young, Highlight, and B.B.G. participated.

‘hi! The K-Pop Festa’s performance is receiving a lot of attention from the locals, with 2,420 seats sold out within 3 hours of ticket sales. ▲ Singer Baek Ji-young, who sang the O.S.T. of a representative Hallyu drama such as ▲ ▲ Highlight, a representative K-pop group that received enthusiastic acclaim by performing ‘Korea Day’ at the ‘2017 Astana Expo (Kazakhstan)’, ▲ ‘VIVIZ’ from the popular K-pop group ‘GFriend’ will fill the performance stage.

Singer Baek Ji-young delivers excitement and excitement at the same time as well as and, the song inserted into the popular Hallyu drama. ‘BBBG’ is expected to show off her charm through and, which were very popular during her ‘Girlfriend’ activities, and recently through the new song. In particular, ‘B.B.G.’ wears hanbok as a stage costume to inform locals about the charm of hanbok. Following the ‘2017 Astana Expo’, ‘Highlight,’ which revisited Kazakhstan, won the hearts of fans even more passionately than five years ago through popular songs such as, and < Don’t Frown>. plans to captivate. Then, all the cast members sing “It’s a Beautiful Night” of ‘Highlight’ to decorate the end of the performance.

National Museum of Korea exhibition poster, material photo National Museum of Korea exhibition poster, material photo

In addition to K-pop performances, 12 cultural exchange events will be held this year to commemorate the ‘Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange’ in Korea and Kazakhstan. ▲ Exhibition of Korean paintings by artist Daesung Park (June 24~Aug 14/Nur-Sultan National Museum), ▲ Classic performance by Jo Sumi (September/Nur-Sultan Astana Opera and Ballet Theater), ▲ Astana Ballet’s visit to Korea (July~December), China/Korea) meet with the people of both countries.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism policy manager said, “Kazakhstan, as a major country in Central Asia, was the backbone of the ‘Silk Road’ connecting the East and the West. We look forward to revitalizing exchanges in the tourism sector and deepening mutual trust and understanding.”

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