Five times K-pop idols were pressured to lose weight

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Unfortunately, the idea that thinness is associated with beauty is still present in many parts of the world. While this is far from true, in South Korea, the need to lose weight can be even more aggressive. We separate five moments when K-pop idols suffered from aesthetic pressure, having their health and well-being harmed.
Just like in the West, K-pop celebrities are constantly pressured to have a certain standard of beauty. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see idols who suffered from self-esteem and went on extreme diets to lose weight, whether due to pressure from the public or the company itself.

Despite the vast majority of them being thin, there is still a need to monitor their weight and diet, far from healthy. In this quest for thinness, many K-pop idols damage their health. Therefore, it is essential to remember that the important thing is to have the medical exams updated and, regardless of weight and appearance, be healthy and happy.

Jimin, do BTS

Jimin is part of one of the most prominent groups globally, but that hasn’t stopped unfounded aesthetic standards from affecting his self-esteem. A few years ago, the idol said he went on a far-from-healthy crash diet to lose weight. His body was so fragile that he even passed out in rehearsals. With the support of BTS members and fans, Jimin seems to be eating a balanced diet, healthier and happier.

Jihyo, do TWICE

In a video with Jihyo’s moments compiled, there is a part where the photographer responsible for taking photos of the group claims that Jihyo “looked fat” as if it were something negative. It wasn’t the first time someone commented on Jihyo’s body, as even some “fans” talked about her being “the biggest” in the group TWICE.

Wendy, Red Velvet

The entire Red Velvet is constantly the target of nasty comments about its body. Wendy is one of the biggest victims, being controlled even by businessmen. In an old video, we can see the girl complaining that she is being watched while eating ice cream. Soloist Taeyeon was present and was in her defense: “eating what she wants for a day shouldn’t be a problem,” he said.

Chaeyeon, from DIA and ex-IOI

Comments about Chaeyeon’s “thicker thighs” were recurrent, and many fans even made montages in which the idol appeared with thinner legs. The agency even recommended that the girl lose weight, but when Chaeyeon lost 16 kilos and developed anorexia, the company caught the idol’s attention because her face was “too thin.” That is, it is impossible to reach the standard.

Kyla, ex-PRISTIN

Despite only being 15 years old on her debut, Kyla has not been spared judgment. Even with the ideal weight for her height, many people claimed she didn’t have the “body of an idol” being able to dance and sing for hours isn’t enough. At concerts, fans became silent on their solos, and photographers sometimes turned cameras to other members at press conferences.

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