Pay attention to emerging newcomers! The 3rd ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’ is to be held on the 25th

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‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click #3’, a performance hosted by ‘K-POP CLICK’, a content platform that provides services such as K-POP content planning and performance business, is coming. It will be held on April 25 (tomorrow). Following the up-and-coming groups such as Woowa and Wei, who were named in the last performance lineup, KINGDOM, PURPLE KISS, and EPEX confirmed their appearance in this April performance.

The Kingdom of ‘Fantasy Idol’ is already making a solid mark on global fans, Purple Kiss, which is recognized as a talented person by showing the performance craftsmen, and Epex, the representative group of the 4th generation, appear on their splendid stages and colourful performances. Charm will be shown.

The 3rd ‘Dream Rising’ will be held at the World K-Pop Center in Namsan, the centre of Seoul. At the same time, it is broadcast in real-time through the K-POP CLICK platform, and only subscribers of the ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click’ channel on the platform can watch it for free. The broadcast is broadcast the following Wednesday of every episode through MBC Plus and MBC M channels.

The organizers released ID videos of the cast members of ‘Dream Rising in K-Pop Click #3′ through the K-Pop Click platform and official SNS such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, raising K-pop fans’ expectations at home abroad who are eagerly waiting for the performance.

On the other hand, fans who watched the last performance poured out enthusiastic responses such as “The content was rich and new because you can see the charms of each member” and “I wonder what new idols we will meet in the next episode.” In the future, in ‘Dream Rising’, three teams of rising idols who will lead the next generation of K-pop appear every month to meet fans on a stage reminiscent of a solo concert.

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