Lee Seung-Yoon, K-pop fanatic secretary ‘Blip,’ was selected as a new artist. Rush of requests

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Singer Lee Seung-Yoon has been selected as a new artist for the K-pop fanboy secretary mobile app ‘blip.’

‘Blip,’ which provides artists’ schedules, various information, and data, and is receiving enthusiastic responses from the global fandom, recently received an offer from an artist who wants to open to K-pop fans around the world within the app. As a result of the voting, Lee Seung-Yoon ranked first in the cumulative number of proposals, and she was selected as the first open artist protagonist this year.

Lee Seung-Yoon is a famous artist who has been active in various fields, such as advertisements, performances, events, and broadcasting last year. is predicting

Through ‘Blip,’ fans can enjoy more convenient fandom activities, such as checking not only Lee Seung-yoon’s schedule but also Twitter, community, chart news, and various data at once.

Meanwhile, ‘Blip’ is a brand created for fans by Space Oddity, a start-up specializing in music, and operates a Blip app, market, and YouTube.

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