‘Lighting evenly from indie to K-pop’ Melon’s achievements this year.

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Melon shared the achievements of a year of running fast online and offline to strengthen the competitiveness of the entire music industry, from indie to mainstream artists.

Kakao Entertainment (CEO Lee Jin-soo, Kim Seong-soo) music platform Melon promoted ▲Track Zero ▲Melon Spotlight ▲All Top 100 in the world ▲Hot Flee ▲Data Lab, etc. this year to strengthen K-pop and the domestic music industry ecosystem at the end of the year. Announcement of project results.

First of all, Melon has focused on revitalizing indie music through the ‘Track Zero’ project since April of this year. To this end, a carefully selected playlist with six experts and hidden masterpieces was released on the main screen of the Melon app every Thursday. Furthermore, on Melon Station’s music show Track, Zero of the same name, artists exposed in the playlist appear and introduce their music directly to fans. Furthermore, from July, concerts are held in Hongdae through the live performance program ‘Track Zero Alive, supporting the comprehensive branding of indie artists.

According to Melon, 360 indie artists have been introduced to the track zero playlist. During the three days exposed to Melon’s main screen, the song’s streaming increased by an average of 5 to 7 times compared to before. Melon Station Track Zero introduced music through 37 broadcasts this year and invited about 18 artists as guests. In Track Zero Alive, 26 teams of artists discovered through Track Zero, such as Silica Gel, Maria Kim, and Hollowzan, performed.

‘Melon Spotlight,’ which Melon started in March, is an online/offline new album lighting project. The main screen of the Melon app and the large LED screen at Samsung Station’s K-pop Square is helping artists’ new albums to be widely known. So far, a total of 44 artists, including famous domestic artists such as BTS, Ive, New Jeans, and Blackpink, and overseas artists such as John Legend and Charlie Puth, have received the spotlight for this project.

Subsequently, Melon’s brand campaign ‘All the Top 100 in the World’, which Melon conducted with the theme of Melon Chart TOP 100 in June this year, had the main video featuring IU and Yoo Hee-yeol surpassed 20 million views. In particular, the ‘Theme Chart’, which consists of various themes such as ▲ TOP100 running backward ▲ , and TOP100 labor songs ▲ TOP100 in karaoke, which was introduced along with this, increased streaming by more than ten times in 4 weeks of a service launch.

Melon ‘Hot Plea’ is a project that discovered ‘restaurants for background music (BGM)’ suitable for the space this year. About 80 offline BGM restaurants selected as public recommendation events were extensively introduced to the MZ generation (millennials + Z generation) through services such as Melon recommendation mark, Melon DJ, and Kakao Map. Furthermore, hot Flea went beyond the selection of restaurants centered on the existing food service industry and illuminated various commercial districts such as barber shops, prop shops, and flower shops with visiting events. According to Melon, it was counted that more than 2,000 authentication shots were created in just three weeks of service.

In addition, since December of last year, Melon has been publicizing impressive data created by artists and fans in Melon through the ‘Data Lab’ project through Melon Magazine, Melon’s official social network service (SNS), and K-Pop Square in Samseong-dong. So far, 33 teams have participated, including BTS, NCT DREAM, and IU. In particular, in the case of BTS, in commemoration of the release of the anthology album ‘Proof’ in June, they released data such as ▲the only artist on Melon with cumulative streaming exceeding 10 billion ▲35 songs on Melon streaming over 100 million (as of June) and received 5.6 million views on social media. In addition, it recorded impressions and 1.5 million views.

Lee Jae-Wook, CEO of Kakao Entertainment’s Melon Division, said, “Melon has focused on growing together with the entire domestic music industry through a large-scale project where various musicians and artists can be newly illuminated this year.”

At the same time, we will take the lead in improving user satisfaction and strengthening K-pop’s competitiveness by launching a new project where various artists and music can be loved.”

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