Jeon So-mi dances in K-pop ‘top of the head.’

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In the K-pop industry, the term ‘eight colors’ is often used. It means they have various talents or charms, but sometimes they cause a strange sense of incongruity. For example, compliments ‘I can digest any genre’ have little meaning for fans. This is because fans generally like a specific part of an artist’s musical spectrum, but not quantitatively its breadth. In this industry, journalists, critics, and fans also often use the language adopted by the agency president. This idol is versatile, and it is also reminiscent of a passage that promises investors that it will keep up with market changes and make a profit.

Jeon So-mi’s new song ‘DUMB DUMB’ sings duality. It is said that he wins the heart of the other man by flirting, but in fact, it is “dancing on the top of your head.” You could even call it a ‘reversal.’ The expression’ reverse charm,’ which is often used along with ‘eight colors,’ most often appears in the context of having a bubbly personality ‘despite’ despite having a good look. This example was often given to Jeon So-mi as well.

However, it is slightly different from ‘eight colors’ or ‘reversal charm,’ where various talents and charms coexist and sometimes one or two things are revealed. The main character in the song sometimes says, “There is no time, and the show is over,” but basically, he tries not to show one side to the other person. At least until they fall in love, with this tight tension, the character gains three-dimensionality. The song expresses this with a sweet and cute development and a playful yet cold ‘drop.’ It is also the usual organ of producer Teddy, but in this song, it provides a more wonderful contrasting beauty in line with the theme.

The music video is set in high school and graduation balls. The checkered pattern of private school uniforms, the bright colors, and even the dim ominousness of the club scene is like old American teen movies. K-pop has been using as a cliché for the past ten years has been set up as if it were a single word. So, the song expands a bit wider in the story of a shy girl and a man who has captured his heart. It sounds like a metaphor about So-mi Jeon’s relationship with the world as a celebrity or a fable about the K-pop idol industry.

Facial expressions that other people like, skinny bodies, small meals, and timid looks are widespread expectations of female idols. The main character rises to the club stage, spreads his wings, and gets everyone’s attention. He had a tired face in a dark and dirty bathroom just before. The idol the public sees is not entirely his, but in fact, it is just what the industry wants. We hardly ever know the other side of the short story. Therefore, it is not possible to judge and say anything recklessly. Of course, it is a story we often forget.

Jeon So-mi, who also participated in writing the lyrics, prepared a single line for the last part of the song, “You don’t have to try anymore.” In a world that only wants to see one side of Jeon So-mi, will she not need any adoration someday? I can’t predict. He is trying to “dance on the top of the head” of this industry. The ambitious ambition of this challenging artist is taking a decent first step.

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