‘Fourth Generation’ Future Boys to participate in ‘2022 Fly High K-POP Concert’!

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‘Future of the 4th Generation’ Future Boy brilliantly decorated the ‘2022 Fly High K-POP Concert’.

The group Future Boy (Lee Jun-hyuk, Lee Yu-Hyeon, Kael, Son Dong-Pyo, Park Si-young, and Jang Yu-bin) presented an impactful stage by showing off their unrivaled visuals at the ‘2022 Fly high K-POP Concert’ held at the Ilsan Bitmaru Broadcasting Center on the 24th and entertained the viewers.

Future Boy, who has received a warm response from online and offline audiences since his appearance, is the third mini-album title song, ‘Marvelous,’ released on the 12th, followed by the second mini-album title song ‘Splash.’ captured them.

Mirae Boy, who finished the stage boasting a splendid performance in line with the intense sound, said, “If the ‘Marvelous’ I just showed you are dreamy and refreshing, ‘Splash’ is a stage with a little spicy taste. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a face-to-face stage, so I was very excited, but I hope the audience will enjoy watching it.”

Next, Mirae Boy said, “I feel happy and full of energy when I meet the fans in person after a long time and perform. It’s the first time I’ve shown the stage of ‘Marvelous’ face-to-face, but I hope there will be an opportunity to meet more and show various stages in the future. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Thank you,” he said sadly.

‘2022 Fly High K-POP Concert’ is a concert planned for rookie idols who did not get many opportunities to perform even after debuting due to the COVID-19 pandemic for a long time. was broadcast with

Future Boy’s new song ‘Marvelous,’ released on the 12th, is a dance created by combining various synths and heart-pounding beats with addictive melodies. I feel the aspiration to do it.

In particular, the mini-album ‘Marvelous – MIRAE 3rd Mini Album’ was ranked 35th on the world’s comprehensive iTunes album chart on the day of its release. It has been on the iTunes charts for several days since it was ranked at the top on the iTunes charts in foreign countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, and Japan. It maintains the ranking and proves its hot global popularity.

On the other hand, Future Boy, who is continuing the ‘fourth generation’s future, has been active since the release of ‘Marvelous – MIRAE 3rd Mini Album’ on the 12th.

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