‘Little Women’ Jong-ho, thanks to ‘Sleeves.’ I want to keep being called for a role.’

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Tofu, cut into bite-size pieces, is neatly placed in a bowl. The tofu prepared by Ha Jong-ho (Kang Hoon) for Oh In-joo (Kim Go-Eun), who came out of the detention center in the TV drama “Little Women” (TVN) that aired last year, was different from what you usually see in other dramas. Drama fans said, “It must be tofu prepared by Jong-ho, who likes to cook,” and said in unison that it was a small but well-suited scene for the character.

A person who is considerate of the people who will eat even if he prepares just one tofu. A woman who leads the play, Jong-ho, stands by Oh In-Kyung, whom he has liked since childhood, and fully assists her sisters from the beginning to the end of the sport.

However, as the drama progressed, some reactions doubted Jong-ho’s ‘reversal.’ This is because some people question that Jong-ho or his wealthy grandfather might be a group of ‘villains’ (Jeongran-hoe). Even Kang Hoon’s friend sent a text message on his mobile phone saying, “Are you Jeongranhoe?”

“At first, I only received the script for episode 4, so I was curious about what would happen because I didn’t know the ending. Even if Jong-ho died instead of In-Kyung, I thought there would be no betrayal of In-Kyung. Jong-ho saw In-gyeong as someone who waits patiently like a tree and will not change even when a typhoon comes.” As the result of Kang Hoon’s analysis of the character he was in charge of, Jong-ho was consistent. In-gyeong has grown into a person who can accept Jong-ho’s heart.

Malice and madness have hidden beneath a friendly face. The suspicion Jong-ho received was close to a misunderstanding stemming from the dynamic development of the drama. Still, to viewers impressed by Kang Hoon’s acting in the previous work (Munhwa Broadcasting), it was more ‘as it could be.’

I would have seen Kang Hoon, who debuted in the short film in 2014, receive attention in earnest with the 2021 drama (from now on referred to as the sleeves). Kang Hoon played the role of Hong Deok-ro (Hong Guk-yeong), an aide to Lee San (Lee Jun-ho), in the drama, which depicts the love between Jeongjo and Ui-bin.

He played an obsessive figure, wary of the ‘main heroine’ Deok-im (Lee Se-young) to monopolize Lee San’s favor, to the extent that he was nicknamed ‘Hong Seop-nyeo’ (meaning that Hong Deok-ro looks like the ‘sub heroine’ of any drama). Kang Hoon, whom I met for the interview, had a similar atmosphere to Jong-ho, and the cool eyes he showed made me wonder if he was someone else.

“Even now (after ), some people call me Deok-ro, and others call me Jong-ho. Please call me by the character’s name rather than my name, Kang Hoon. That’s because the story was similar to that role. I want to become an actor called by the name of the cast in the future.”

Hoon Kang wrote ‘to do one work this year’ a few years ago as his New Year’s wish. He appeared in a TV drama for the first time in 2018 with (SBS), (Munhwa Broadcasting), (Korean Broadcasting), (and TVN) He gradually built up his filmography.

He told his family, “Please support only the monthly rent until 30. I’ll take care of it after that.” He met Deokro Hong at 30. While filming, I heard that director Kim Hee-won, a fan of mine, was working on a new drama, so I applied for the role of Jong-ho. The drama (SBS), which will air on the 20th, was cast without an audition for the first time since her debut.

His wish was ‘one film per year,’ but in 2022, he had the experience of filming three overlapping dramas. He even got fluids after filming all night for three days. He said, “It’s as enjoyable as going on a picnic” daily. “It’s time for my dream to come true. It’s not like ‘I’m having a hard time’ or ‘I’m tired.’ I’m happy. Before that, I took a lot of rest. (Laughs) At that time, I never thought that I would be able to act without resting like this. I can run now because that period existed.

In 2021, Hoon Kang said that he was happily spending his busy time with “the feeling of being rewarded for everything” for the time he had endured before. “There are many times when I fall asleep thinking about the scene I will be acting in tomorrow and what image I can show. It’s not a headache, and it’s something like ‘Oh, tomorrow will be fun too.'”

He said, “After achieving my dream (to continue to work), it feels like my goal is getting bigger.” In addition, he laughed, saying, “I am sharpening my knife hard right now,” with the mindset that I would show a new look that would surprise viewers in the future. The dramas he diligently filmed last year are scheduled to be released this year.

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