BLACKPINK ranked 44th on the October Circle Chart2nd place with 2.8% of chart share

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Last October (October 1st ~ October 31st), Blackpink’s Circle Chart report showed 19 global K-pop charts, five digital charts, five streaming charts, seven downloads, 2 BGM charts, and one album chart. It climbed the charts 44 times, including a chapter, a retail album chart, three karaoke charts, and one ringtone chart. BLACKPINK’s chart share is second with 2.8%.

Blackpink topped the global K-pop charts.

On the global K-Pop charts, Blackpink ranked No.1 ‘Shut Down,’ 2nd ‘Pink Venom,’ 15th ‘Type Girl,’ 25th ‘Hard to Love, 40th ‘The Happiest Girl, 42nd ‘Tally,’ 44th ‘Ready For Love, 45th ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah,’ 46th ‘How You Like That,’ 57th ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU, 59th ‘Lovesick Girls’, 68th ‘ Kill This Love, #71, ‘As If It’s Your Last,’ #92, ‘Boombaya,’ #93, ‘Pretty Savage,’ #102, ‘Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez),’ #132, ‘Playing with Fire, #158, ‘Forever Young,’ entered the charts on the 19th, including 177th ‘Whistle’.

Then on the digital chart, 5th ‘Shut Down,’ 7th.’

In addition, five songs, including ‘Shut Down’ at 6th, ‘Pink Venom’ at 7th, ‘Ready For Love at 128th, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ at 162th, and ‘Lovesick Girls’ at 190th were on the streaming charts.

Next on the download chart were ‘Shut Down’ at 16, ‘Pink Venom’ at 31, ‘Ready For Love at 136, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ at 162, ‘Hard to Love’ at 176, ‘The Happiest Girl at 185, Seven songs, including ‘Type Girl’ at No. 196, were on the charts.

Two songs, ‘Shut Down’ at No. 27 and “Pink Venom” at No. 98, were on the BGM chart.

And one album of ‘BORN PINK’ ranked 52nd on the album chart.

In addition, one album of ‘BORN PINK’ ranked 23rd on the Retail Album Chart.

In addition, three songs were on the karaoke chart: ‘Playing with Fire’ at 82nd, ‘Pink Venom’ at 176th, and ‘As If It’s Your Last’ at 182nd.

BLACKPINK, ranked 44th on the October Circle Chart… 2nd place with 2.8% of chart share – Reporter Kim Seong-hee – Top Star News

Then, one song ‘Shut Down’ was ranked 58th on the ringtone chart.

Looking at the popularity of each song, ‘Shut Down’ 6 times, ‘Pink Venom’ 6 times, ‘Ready For Love’ 4 times, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ 4 times, ‘Lovesick Girls’ 3 times, ‘Type Girl’ 2 times, ‘Hard to Love’ 2 times, ‘The Happiest Girl 2 times, ‘As if it were your last two times, ‘Playing with Fire’ 2 times, ‘Tally’ 1 time, ‘How You Like That’ 1 time, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU (DDU) -DU DDU-DU)’ 1 time, ‘Kill This Love’ 1 time, ‘Boombaya’ 1 time, ‘Pretty Savage’ 1 time, ‘Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)’ 1 time, ‘Forever Young’ 1 time, ‘Whistle’ 1 time, etc.

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