‘Artistock Game’ Byuleun, exclusive contract with Spring ENT

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Singer Byul-eun signed an exclusive contract with the performance agency Spring ENT. With the recruitment of Byuleun, Spring ENT plans to expand its management business.

On the 6th, Spring ENT said, “Recently, we signed an exclusive contract with singer Byul-eun. We are happy to be with an artist with infinite potential. We will provide full support so that Byul-eun can continue her various music activities.” they said.

Byeol-eun made her name known to the public as a singer and YouTuber who made it to the TOP6 of Mnet’s ‘Artistak Game: Survival where singers become stock’ last year. Through YouTube, she posted over 50 cover songs and self-composed videos, including ballads and K-pop, and showed her steady activities by participating in several drama OSTs.

In addition, Byeoleun has constantly communicated with fans by appearing in 1theK’s original ‘Chewing Melon,’ ‘Someone’s Playlist Track 61 Byeoleun Concert’, solo performance ‘Star is,’ and holding mini fan meetings.

On the other hand, an official from Spring ENT said, “We will continue to discover and nurture creative and talented artists. We will start with performing arts and music creation as our main business areas and present creative and beautiful music and performances that give us emotion and joy.”

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