‘Salty Idol’, main + sub poster released. The centre is Astro Rocky!

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The main and sub posters of ‘My Salty Idol’ (provided by KBS Media, produced by PH E&M PH E&M, directed by Kim Hyeon-soo, and written by Kim Seong-jin) were released at the same time.

The 10-episode web drama ‘Salty Idol’, which will be aired for the first time on the 15th, is a growing comedy-drama depicting the desperate survival of an unpopular member of a famous group who has risen to stardom by going backwards but has yet to receive payment and is suffering from hardships.

A poster showing the protagonists Astro Rocky, Moon Ji-hoo, Choi Seong-min, Lee Sang, and Angjardi Timothy in Salty Idol, which opens the drama intro, was released.

The five-member boy group X-piers in the poster consists of Hwi-Yeon (Astro Rocky), Eun-Hyeon (Moon Ji-hoo), Si-woo (Choi Seong-min), Chan (Lee Sang-min), and Lauren (Angardi Timothy). ) is an idol group to which it belongs.

Centring on Rocky in the released main poster, Angjardi Timothy and Choi Seong-min are standing with humorous expressions on the left, and Moon Ji-hoo and Lee Sang are smiling in the sunlight on the right, giving you a glimpse of their chemistry in the future.

The copy of ‘Gorgeous Idol’s desperate survival story’ suggests the struggle of X-piers’ Hwiyeon (Astro Rocky) in the drama.

The combination of Spears is also unique. It is a fact that all the members are actors who have experienced idol group life. Rocky (Hwiyeon) currently belongs to ASTRO, Moon Jihoo (Eunhyun) is from A-JAX, Choi Seongmin (Siwoo) is from speed and coeducation, Lee Sang (Chan) is from Impact, Anjardi Timothy (Lorraine) is from Produce 101.

The overseas reaction to Salty Idol is also unusual. Recently, through the overseas K-pop publisher Kpopmap (Kpopmap), in the Most Popular Dramas & Actors On Kpopmap – 4th Week Of March, the lead role of Rocky ranked 3rd and the drama Salty Idol The expectation of overseas fans is high, such as being ranked 9th.

Production company PH E&M said, “It’s reassuring to have Rocky, Moon Ji-hoo, Choi Seong-min, Lee Sang, and Timothy who open the door to ‘My Idol’.

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