LUMINOUS X PIXY opens a forum for communication with the global K-POP fandom at ‘Mubit Live.’

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The live broadcast program Mubit Live of the global K-pop platform Mubit revealed the artist for November.

On the morning of the 10th, Mubeat, a global K-pop platform, said, “Luminous and PIXY will appear on the live program ‘Mubeat LIVE,’ which can be watched through the ‘Mubeat’ application on the 17th.” said.

In a situation where it is not easy to continue communication with the global fandom due to the recent Corona 19, Mubeat launched ‘Mubeat Live,’ a space where global fans can passionately support and communicate with the idol group they support. Since August of that year, various artists such as Bling Bling, MCND, Dream Note, Tri-B, and Elast have been introduced every month, connecting the global fandom and K-pop groups.

In particular, ‘Mubit Live’ receives favorable reviews for its contents planned differently for each artist. In October, Tri-B, who appeared as an artist, showed off his talented idol by showing ‘K-Pop Dance Bingo,’ and Elast played three games in ‘Squid Game’ to communicate with fans. November’s artists, Luminous and Pixie, will also provide fun with various contents that can reveal the charms of each artist.

Luminous (Youngbin, Suil, Steven, Woobin), who will be appearing on the Mubeat Live at 2 pm on the 17th, is a rookie boy group that debuted with their debut album ‘YOUTH’ in September. They are attracting attention as a next-generation boy group with unparalleled skills.

At 7 pm, the girl group Pixie (Ella, Laura, Ella, Laura, Saetbyul, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong) are on a sortie. Pixie’s mini-album ‘Fairyforest: Temptation’ released in October, title song ‘Addicted,’ followed by the follow-up song ‘Bewitched,’ is making a mark on fans.

Meanwhile, the global K-pop platform Mubeat has released a video chart including music broadcast voting that global fans can directly participate in and YouTube music video views that reflect the popularity of K-pop idol groups. The functions requested by global K-pop fans are being opened one after another. Submit recorded 6 million downloads in fierce competition among K-pop platforms such as Weverse, Universe, and Bubble, and provides various functions and contents that K-pop fandoms want, such as voting, video charts, fandom advertisements, quizzes, and live performances.

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